Why Banker2020?

Banker 2020 brings a seamless connection between the back-office process and data technology, with a layer that delivers the dynamics of fintech APPs to the bank through. Banks need to be nimble today, while maintain the integrity, reliability of process flows and compliance. Banker2020 provides the speed and dynamics of fintech, through a curated catalogue of the most important emerging Fintech solutions, and a patented process engine that enables critical elements of banking to connect to innovative technologies.

Who can use Banker2020?

Backed by the power of Finaeos Fintech Cloud - Banker 2020 provides the deep connections, seamless process flows, through to Finaeos solutions. The confidence, compliance and security of established systems, is layered with unprecedented flexibility in process, innovation and insight so any bank can engage rapidly and successfully in the emerging Fintech markets.

How Banker2020 Works


Dyanamic – Our process flow chain technology enables a rapid, audited, compliant process of adopting fintech into the banks services. Adoption of innovative APPs and APIs, with a process that can easily changes as new regulations, compoliance demands emerge.


Onboarding – The Finaeos Foundation, platform and infrastructure are connected to the process flow layer. From the Finaeos fintech APP dashboard, bankers can select the exact components to build their solutions.


Connections – Process Flow Chain engine connects and consumes the critical functions of the Finaeos back office, from customer experience for onboarding to functions critical to fulfill standards. The process flow layer rapidly combines them, dynamically with the fintech APPs required for any banking function.


Modify – unteather development delays. When a new regulation, or fintech innovation, or opportunity emerges, the process is “redacted” – without distruption the new model is rapidly deployed, and integrated, combined for optimal delivery throughout the banks established infrastructure.


Deliver – The Finaeos layer deploys seamlessly across the desktop as it does for full 3 60 Customer connections on mobile devices. Delivery is key from onboarding to customer relationships and support. The Finaeos Core platform for Finaeos allows immediate delivery to customers for onboarding, lending, account maintenance, cash management – any target the bank needs to achieve for top performance on KPIs.

Dynamic Process Flow Chains

Deliverying compliant workflows

Secure Activity Spaces
Lending innovation

Security Intelligence
CRM3 Onboarding
Authentication, Smart Forms

Secure Workspaces
RegTech Processor
The immediate compliance adoption machine

Secure Notebooks
Fintech Instant Portals
1to1 Dashboards for the Banker to Customer collaboration

Secure File Storage
BlockCerts Smart Contracts
Private Blockchain Certified on every transaction on based on Ethereum.org